Mission: To move along the world in
understanding the life processes.


provide solid foundation for scientific principles related with
life processes.
to inculcate strong
understanding of research and laboratory training.
to infuse extensive
development of modeling of life processes and drugs.
to create new routes
and simulations for low cost drugs and foods.
to work extensively
on innovation and creation of energy efficient, environment
friendly and total quality products and processes.
to have greater appreciation
for professionalism, values and integrity.

Life is a continuously changing process
and so is the study of life processes. Continuous improvement and
consistent plus a little more performance are the only ways to stay
alive and dynamic in life sciences. Creation of knowledge in the
life sciences is on a permanent fast track. Explosion of R&D; knowledge
in molecular genetics is ushering in a new era in which the entire
genetic blue prints of living organisms will become available. Yet,
scientists still face the enormous challenges of relating one-dimensional
DNA sequences to the three dimensional protein architectures they
encode and to the complex chemical and physical transformation that
underline living systems. A Bio-scientist said, ‘I thought I knew
all the answers until I realized that some one is playing with the
questions’. Bio-Chemists, Structural Biologists and Chemists at
the Institute shall work towards a more complete understanding of
the molecular basis of life by identifying and isolating molecules
in key biological processes, determining three dimensional structures
of these molecules, chemical properties and capacity for molecular
recognition, elucidating their cellular functions, and synthesizing
molecules capable of modifying these functions. Research in life
sciences will employ the full range of modern tools, including X-ray
crystallography, NMR spectra, electron microscopy, mass spectrophotometry,
computer simulations and chemical synthesis. An intimate and mutually
beneficial relation with relevant industries will be established
and vigorously pursued.

Presently, the Institute is offering
following programs of study and research.

Academic Program Duration Seats Eligibility Fee
M.Sc. Biochemistry 2
40 B.Sc. Bio/Chem/Microbiology
M.Sc. Microbiology 2 yr 40 B.Sc. Bio/Chem/Microbiology SFA ET
M.Sc. Biotechnology 2 yr 40 B.Sc. Bio/Chem/Microbiology SFA ET
M.Sc. Biosciences
2 yrs 40 B.Sc. Bio/Chem/Microbiology SFA DA
M.Sc. Agro forestry 2 yrs 40 B.Sc. Bio Group SFC DA
B.Sc. (H)Biochemistry
3 yrs 60 10+2 Bio/Chem SFB DA
B.Sc. (H) Biotechnology 3 yrs 60 10+2, Bio/Chem SFB DA
B.Sc. (H) Microbiology
3 yrs 60 10+2, Bio/Chem SFB DA
B.Sc. (H) Biosciences 3 yrs 60 10+2, Bio/Chem SFB DA
B.Sc Bio Group 3yrs 180 10+2 Bio SFD DA
B.Sc Maths 3yrs 180 10+2 Maths SFD DA


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