Mission: To understand, study and propagate the message of
Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar for social justice and equality.


educate people about the philosophy of Baba Saheb Ambedkar.
create awareness about the works of Dr. Ambedkar, in the masses.
establish institutions/ training centers specially for the benefit
of weaker section

to provide state of the art education in different areas of
social sciences.
develop teaching, administrative and research skills among the
downtrodden particularly the SCs/STs and OBCs

A healthy social integration based on mutual respect, understanding,
equality and brotherhood is the pre-requisite for global harmony
and peace. The sacred principle of one world – one family propounded
by the great Indian Philosophers of yore can never ever be realized
lest discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, gender, religion
or nation is not neutralized.

Man is social
by temperament but a healthy social fabric is possible if every
individual not merely woks for ‘self’, but shares a keen concern
for fellow men and sincerely cares for each constituent of the environment
– animate or inanimate. It is here that the role and contribution
of social scientists and cultural anthropologists becomes so eminently
vital. Studies on social and societal perspectives are assuming
greater significance in the wake of growing materialism and the
so-called self-centered professionalism, leading to erosion of values.
Increasing incidences of social unrest, distrust, stresses, tensions,
conflicts and the like problems can be effectively countered only
if the cause and effects of these problems vis-a-vis modernization,
change and the other related perspectives are appropriately deciphered.
Thus, obviously there is an urgent need to strengthen the institution
of social sciences and motivate younger generation to pursue advance
studies and research on social and societal aspects, particularly
understand the intricacies of social behavior.

Baba Sahib,
deeply revered as much for his multi-dimensional intellect as for
his eminent contribution in conceiving Indian Constitution. His
role and contribution as a social reformer too has been simply unparalleled
in the world history.

Dr. B.R.
Ambedkar Institute of Social Sciences aims to offer students the
chance to explore creative expressions of the human imagination;
understand the human past; examine social, economic, and political
changes over time and cultural and institutional contexts in which
science and technology are rooted. Undertaking research on various
social aspects and setting-up an exclusive library consisting of
works of Dr. Ambedkar and the related studies are among the immediate
priorities of the Institute. In addition, it will also launch the
following three courses of study, shortly:

I. Masters
degree in Ancient History,
II. Masters degree in Culture and Art
III. Masters degree in Medieval and Modern History
IV. Masters degree in Political Science
IV. Masters degree in Sociology
V. Masters degree in Archaeology


Academic Program Duration Seats Eligibility Fees

of Social Works (MSW)

40 Graduation
in any discipline


S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr.N.N.Awasthi Professor
2 Dr.Kiron Sharma Lecturer
3 Anupama Mishra Lecturer
4 P.Purohit Lecturer
5 R.P.Nimesh Lecturer


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