Mission: To create a cadre of experts in
international relations, culture and understanding


to develop innovative and applied
curriculum for international understanding.
to create appropriate an effective
platform for international cooperation in education and research.
to impart education and training
in international laws/ human rights.
to cater greater appreciation
for international cooperation and understanding
to help in projecting in positive
image of the country on the international map

The world is fast transforming into a closer neighborhood. In this
context, while due credit goes to the ultra-advanced transport system
for consistently narrowing-down the time distance gap, revolution
in IT, globalization of trade and commerce, transient changes on
geo-political horizon, ever- better opportunities and environment
for cross-cultural exchanges, inception of multiple regional and
international bodies and the like factors too, have been equally
important. Obviously, every country is now keen to have closer understanding
of the prevailing political, economic and socio-cultural environment
so as to review and re-define its role and contribution in the various
spheres. The academic and research programs of Institute of International
studies are thus aimed at creating deeper understanding on international
affairs untrammeled by the constraints inherent in the discipline
based on fragmentary pursuit of knowledge and, to bring together
scholars trained in diverse disciplines but sharing a common intellectual
interest in International affairs. Various courses offered by it
are designed to perceive the interplay of political, economic, psychological,
demographic, technological, legal and military variable vis-à-vis
international relations. Due emphasis is laid on the studies on
political and economic systems, ideological orientations and foreign
policy of major global players.

Apart from the normal programs, the Institute
offers opportunities for higher advanced work on:

American and West European Studies
East Asian Studies
International Politics, Organization and Disarmament Studies
Soviet and East European Studies
South Central, South East Asian and South West Pacific Studies
West Asian and African Studies
Diplomacy, International Law and Economics

Courses Offered:

Academic Program Duration Seats Eligibility

PG Diploma in International
Humanitarian Law

1 yr 40 Graduation in any discipline
PG Diploma in Human Rights 1yr 40 Graduation in any discipline

IIS & Institute of Law jointly run these courses


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