Professor Ramesh
Chandra joined as Vice Chancellor of Bundelkhand University on July
first thing which Prof. Chandra aimed to achieve as Vice-Chancellor
is to set a Mission to put the University on National and International
center stage by imparting quality vocational and scientific education
and undertaking basic and applied research. The purpose was to improve
the quality and value of humane irrespective of gender, caste, nationality
and religion.

Today, Bundelkhand University constitutes 8 faculties, 21 Schools
of higher learning, 93 departments and 32 Colleges that caters to
the need of more than 75000 students in the various fields of their
study leading to graduation, post-graduation, and Ph.D./D.Sc./D.Litt.
Degrees. The University also provides an appropriate setting for
high-class entrepreneurial creativity, research and prototype technological
development in the various areas of higher education. The university
has gone truly innovative, interdisciplinary and International and
striving hard to achieve excellence and global competitive edge.

Prof. Chandra
has a very strong faith that the higher education and research is
the strongest instrument for solving the problems of hunger and
poverty, of insanitation and illiteracy, of superstitions, dreadening
customs and traditions, of vast resources running to waste, of a
rich country inhabited by starving people, of global warming and
ozone depletion, of cancer, Aids and other diseases and many more
problems which mankind will face in the next millennium. His scientific
temper and visionary approach is instrumental in setting up 21 new
schools of higher learning and 18 new vocational and professional
courses in computer, management, pharmacy, biochemistry, microbiology,
international business, social works, law, hotel and tourism management,
human rights, health care administration and banking economics and
· Plans have been finalized to conduct Special Seminars on Entrepreneurship,
Personality Development, Stress Management, Administrative Reforms,
and Office Automation.
· Cultural activities, Sports activities, inter college and inter
university participation is being encouraged.
· Foreign collaboration, Industry Interaction, Research Laboratory
participation, Faculty participation from other universities, Industrial
visits etc. are being promoted.
· Institution of Scholarship by Government funding agencies, industries,
charitable institution and individuals were procured and promoted.

While modern scientists have developed a strong faith in wheel-
the moving spirit, Prof. Chandra follows the old Indian rishis with
a strong faith in the arrow-the well-directed spirit. A system of
accountability, consistent with the ethical and moral ideals of
truth, honesty, integrity, objectivity, fairness and impartiality
at all cost, is the main objective of Prof. Chandra. But he once
said that the strong faith and commitment, which we had in our teachers,
may be relevant to the time, but, without reincarnation of another
faith, equally strong, will it be good for the education system?
How a person without tools and the infrastructure for sharpening
them can deliver the goods?

According to Prof. Chandra, University teacher has FOUR main roles
to perform: first, as an innovative and creative lecturer, filled
with wide outlook, full of examples, creative to respond to the
immediate need and visionary in nature. Second, to create new knowledge
by doing research and developmental activities inside and outside
the laboratory. Research is not limited to carry out some scientific
experiments, it involve mental exercise to create new thought for
action. Third, the very important one, to be the guide; to help
a student in his over all development; to make him enterprising,
innovative and creative; to show him the path of success; to help
him so that he is able to set a realistic goal for himself, achievable
goal, and in setting next higher goal. Fourth, be a producer, a
quality producer, a good manager, and not only an innovative manager
of man, machines and resources but also creator of material resources
for self and others. He admits that we are very poor in respect
of role third and fourth.

Teacher development is always associated with the University development.
After his joining he set an agenda for the development of Bundelkhand
University. His achievements in this area are:

· All formalities for University recognition under 12 (B) of UGC
act, 1956, to become eligible for Central Assistance have been completed;
recognition will be granted by the UGC soon.
· Applications for AICTE/PCI/BCI approval of certain courses have
already been made to the concerning authorities.
· An Appeal for the recognition of B.Ed. (Special) program is pending
with NCTE and decision in favour of University is expected very
· Reform in the conduct of examination, publication of results,
automation of Examination branch etc. is in the process.

Education is not just a destination to Prof. Chandra but it is a
continuous journey. He believes that education opens up the heart
and mind of the young and the old alike so that one can communicate
and live in harmony and peace. He advocates Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy
of education, which leads to self-reliance, self-control and dignity
of labor, and is consistent with our Vedic philosophy wherein emphasis
was always for the search of truth and Lead me from Falsehood to
truth; darkness to light; death to immortality, these words have
become insignia and watchword for many institutions of higher learning.

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